How Small Businesses Can Utilize Social Media During Covid-19

July 6, 2020

No one could have predicted the kind of year 2020 has turned out to be, and we are only half way through. On a global scale, COVID-19 has ravaged every nation and has pretty much brought the collective economy to its knees. Everywhere you turn there seems to be devastating news and truthfully, as troublesome as it has been, we are diligently seeking ways to see some daylight, some positive vibes, and we are also fully aware that our clients need more support than ever before.

Focus on Lower Advertising Costs

As corporate layoffs skyrocket and marketing budgets are slashed, we are finding an opportunity for our small businesses to be more visible than they have been before, in the grand scheme of things, particularly when we are talking about social media. With advertising sales on platforms like Facebook plummeting, they have found themselves in a place where lower costs prevail in order to make it feasible for many companies to utilize their platform.

With the general population either in lockdown or working from home as a result of the virus, there is much more exposure and scrolling taking place on every platform! What an opportune time for a small business to capture the attention of their ideal audience. Whether you are a boutique clothing store in Dallas, Texas, with 3-6 employees, or a trendy eco-friendly apothecary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, spending money on the right kind of advertising is going to be key over the next few months, which will require new strategic planning.

Capitalize Your Ad Spend Money

While corporate America sorts itself out and moves away from expensive banner ads and programmatic advertising like television, your business has an opportunity to get in front of really targeted viewers, not just the masses. Your marketing strategy pre-Covid may have seemed appropriate at the beginning of the year, but that has likely gone out the window and may have left you without a strategy that can take you successfully through post-pandemic recovery. 

Refine Your Strategy

Given the current economic climate, we have found that when you consistently create content that resonates with your target demographic and then deploy that content as advertising on Facebook/Instagram using their targeting options, you are setting yourself up to experience increased conversion from a viewer into a customer.

With targeted advertising reaching 1,000 people for around $1.50 (sometimes even lower!), it makes sense to regroup and build a strategy together with our team, to get the most out of your marketing budget, and to use some creative digital methods to get in front of a relevant and captive audience. We want small businesses to survive so you can continue to fulfill a dream and support your family.

Author: Josiah Merta

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