Replace Yourself If You're Uncomfortable Creating Videos

February 26, 2019

Last week I discussed how a long-form video recording can create content across several marketing methods including audio and transcription into a blog. But what if you are not video savvy or, as is often the case, averse to being in front of a camera? What if just the thought of planning and recording a video is too exhausting for you?

Staying relevant and capturing your audience’s attention is crucial, but I get it if video is an absolute “no” for you. These days, there are so many options you can utilize, including asking one of your friends or kids to do the recording for you. Thinking outside of the proverbial box is what will set you apart in a smaller market like Saskatoon, so having an open mind can create some pretty brilliant ideas and strategies.

To the degree you are opposed to trying new ways of marketing your business is the degree to which you are limiting your business potential. No idea is a bad idea if the thought process leads you to your business breakthrough.

The unseen obstacles that restrict or overwhelm you can include:

  • Saying no to concepts or ideas from those who know you best. This doesn’t mean saying yes to every whim either. It means recognizing that the next big thing for your business could be generated by listening to and considering what others have to say.
  • Trying to do it all yourself. No one of us has the capability to be all and do all in getting our businesses off the ground.
  • Thinking that your specialty or knowledge of your product is all you need to succeed.

As a side note, this can apply to every part of your business. Stick with what you know and do well, and hand off what you suck at to someone else.

For example, if doing your monthly accounting gets pushed off for half the year because it’s a task you despise and avoid, it not only looms over your head, it is a drain on your creativity because it sits in the back of your mind. So you have to hire an accountant to do the books for you so that you can get back to what you’re truly good at and no longer have to worry about that side of your business.

If you consider the time and energy lost on avoidance, also consider that time could have been geared to creativity and strategizing. It may mean a money outlay that seems wasteful in the moment, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investment. With creativity and strategies comes new business, getting you ahead much quicker than if your time is consumed by doing the things you hate to do.

Let’s bring that back to video recording. When you consider how useful the content can be for other aspects of your marketing, the investment of having someone else do it (be it someone you know or a professional) relieves the stress on you to “perform” at a certain level while keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

If you’re going to spend three days trying to write content because you know you “should”, as another example, you can quickly get discouraged and inevitably give up because it seems too hard to accomplish.

Our mentality towards building a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming if we incorporate some simple steps:

  • If you’re a one-person operation, ask trusted family, friends or colleagues for ideas
  • Acknowledge your limitations and ask for help with things you suck at
  • Build room in your budget, even if it’s small, to utilize services that will enhance and advance your business
  • Create a plan, however simple it may seem, and work it

Whatever you do, stop looking for excuses and just start.

Author: Josiah Merta

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