What to Do When Instagram's Organic Reach Goes Down

May 14, 2019

Lately, the Instagram organic reach has been going down and when something like this happens on a social media platform, lots of people start to freak out. In order to understand what to do when organic reach goes down on Instagram, you first need to understand why organic reach is decreasing on social media platforms.

The motive behind decreasing organic reach is pretty simple; money. The makers and owners of Instagram (and Facebook, for that matter) want your organic reach to be zero. They don’t want you to be able to reach your target market without paying to reach it. And so, to make more money, Instagram has started to decrease their organic reach, pushing users to spend more money on ads and promotions so that their posts reach their target audience. This has happened on pretty much every social media platform, the most noticeable one being Facebook. Facebook’s organic reach started out being strong and effective but over the years, it has declined drastically, from 16% in 2012 to 2.27% in 2015. Again, this forces users who are eager to reach their audience to spend more on ads.

With all this being said, it’s important to understand that this is just a business move. A decline in organic reach doesn’t mean that the attention has gone away from that particular platform. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 60% of adults that spend time online have an Instagram account. And 500 million of the 800 million people on Instagram are active every single day, making Instagram an extremely popular platform to advertise your brand on. No other platform engages audiences and captivates attention spans quite like Instagram.

The good news is that Instagram can’t stop your organic reach completely, they can only greatly influence it. The important thing is to not give up on Instagram completely but instead adapt to it. Find the loopholes to gain attention through organic reach. You can do this by increasing the quality of your content to attract audiences, increasing the quantity of your content to create more opportunities for people to see what you post, you can post more during the times of the day that receive increased engagement (for example, when people aren’t at work) and you can try to encourage your followers to share your posts, increasing organic reach almost instantly.

The bottomline is that even though Instagram’s organic reach is burning out, it is still the most powerful social media platform to advertise on and there are practical steps to take in order to increase your organic reach without paying a penny.

Here are the 3 main takeaways from this blog:

  1. Organic reach goes down because the business wants you to buy more ads in order to reach your audience.
  2. Just because the organic reach goes down, doesn't mean that the attention has left the platform.
  3. Adapt. Find creative ways to increase your organic reach.

Author: Josiah Merta

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